Make sure you take a look at our general free video poker strategy guide. This should be your starting point if you’re searching for video poker strategy tips. Once you’re confident with those skills you can move onto our video poker basic strategy guide and our video poker winning strategy guide. It will be helpful to keep our quick reference site, video poker strategy cards and charts, handy while playing. This puts the strategy cards in one spot and it’s expected you have read the previous lessons to take full advantage of their information.

Video Poker Games & Variations
Your strategy will vary for each game as their unique rules and pay tables vary the odds for and against you. Always test these strategies on one of the free online video poker casinos available through this site.
Video Poker Games & Variations.
Free Online Video Poker Casinos. – You can play with “fake” money on these casinos.

Jacks or Better Video Poker Strategy
Jacks Better Video Poker Strategy
Where to play Free Jacks Better Video Poker game

Deuces Wild Video Poker
Deuces Wild Video Poker Strategy
Where to play Free Deuces Wild Video Poker game

Jokers Wild Video Poker Strategy
Joker Wild Video Poker Strategy
Where to play Free Joker Wild Video Poker Game

Triple, Quadruple and Ten Play Video Poker
Some people prefer to play video poker with multiple hands simultaneously, here are some links and general information on where to play these games.
Triple Play Video Poker Casinos and Rules.
Quadruple Play Video Poker Casinos and Rules.
10 Play Video Poker Casinos and Rules.

Video Poker Software Guide
Individual casinos and software vendors have a range of Video Poker variations and pay tables.
To make sure you get the best odds when playing check out the software links below.
Video Poker Software Guide
No Download Video Poker software
Download Video Poker Game software

Other Resources
Here are my picks of the best video poker casinos.
Other video poker resources can be found on our video poker sites guide.
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